Arbion Viewpoints from the CIO - April 2024

Arbion Viewpoints from the CIO - April 2024

Welcome to the Stickylocks economy

Our Chief Investment Officer, Marco Pabst, provides Arbion's Investment Viewpoints for April 2024 - 'Welcome to the Stickylocks economy'

▪ Equities, commodities, and other real assets have rebounded strongly, indicating a reflationary environment.

▪ Sticky inflation is trending higher and inflation expectations have risen substantially as a result.

▪ Consistent with that, benchmark yields have been increasing and forecasts for rate cuts have been reduced significantly.

▪ The US is currently the only economy exhibiting growth momentum which is reflected in elevated market valuations.

▪ After a better-than-expected first quarter, equity markets are expected to take a breather and consolidate their gains.

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